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We are going on vacation

Hi There!

The Writer and The Illustrator are going on a vacation trip to USA.


I don’t know if they will let us come along, especially me, since they seem to think that I am a bit naughty.

But that doesn’t matter, we can teleporttransport ourselves wherever we want, so what they say really doesn’t matter.


Little-Bite the Tiger is trying to pack

I wonder what I should pack…

Oh my god!


Shit! Shit! Shit!

How am I going to pack for four weeks?


I cannot do that!

Sorry, I was away for a while...

I had a stress crisis here.

But now I’m better. I will simply call Elba the Cow to come and help me pack.

Elba is an organizational and simplification genius. I bet she will only bring one small bag on the trip but that little bag will be filled with exactly everything she needs. Nothing more, nothing less… But then, she is a cow!

How much does a cow really need?!


That was mean and unfair!

I didn’t want to be mean. Elba is great! I'm just jealous. I will ask for her help.

But I wonder what the others will bring?

Eisbjorn the Polar Bear will pack a lot of books, naturally.

A lot of boring fact books about every single boring historic building and every little obscure museum there is.

I bet he is reading up on the places we´re going to as I write.

He’s a walking encyclopedia.

What he doesn’t already know in his brain he carries with him in a book.

Someone should buy him a Kindle so that he doesn’t have to carry so many books in his luggage.

Eisbjorn seems to think that travelling is about learning new things, new boring facts.

ME, I am in it for the adventure and for having FUN!

But I love Eisbjorn. And he's great to have around.

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