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FILE: Low Self-esteem

Tell your inner critic to SHUT UP!

If you have a mean inner critic that does everything it can to destroy your self-esteem it’s time to FIGHT BACK!

Art the Black Bear carate kick

There are many ways to do this and I’m gonna teach you a few but first, it’s time to just tell the bloody inner critic to SHUT UP!

If you become the world champion (or at least pretty good) at knowing when your inner critic is attacking you and STOP it before it does too much damage – then you’re on your way to a much better life!

One great way to shut your inner critic up is to use a Howitzer mantra.

A mantra is a sound, a word or a phrase that is repeated over and over again to influence the mind in different ways. It comes from religious traditions but can also be used without any faith in mind.

A Howitzer is, well, it’s a cannon.

So a Howitzer mantra is a short sentence, sound or word that your repeat in your mind again and again until it hits your inner critic like a cannon ball.

Little-Bite the Tiger uses a Howitzer mantra on his inner critic

Why don’t you sit down for a while and think of a Howitzer mantra or two that you can use as soon as you realize that you are under attack by your inner critic.

It is ideal if it makes you feel powerful and even a bit angry or annoyed.

The next time you notice that your inner critic is attacking you – fight back with your Howitzer mantra.

Shout it out inside, mentally scream the mantra and imagine telling your inner critic to get lost.

Here are a few examples of mantras that you can use.

  • Stop!
  • Stop it you idiot!
  • Stop hurting me!
  • Oh no mister!
  • Oh no mam!
  • You’re lying!
  • Get off my back!
  • Go away!
  • Get out of here!

As with anything else, the more you practice this – the better it will become.

What Howitzer mantra/mantras do you use? Is it working?

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