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The First Ever Happy Club meeting

I’m in the middle of developing recipes for my new cookbook, well… my first ever cookbook to be honest. So, the evening came very fast and very sudden today like it usually does when I’m absorbed by something.

It was almost too late to go to the Savannah Lodge (our favorite bar) for our first ever HappyClub meeting.

Being in the middle of things, I quickly decided to invite everyone over to my place instead. After all, I was late and the house was full of food, both finished dishes and, well… ongoing experiments. So why not have some friends over, I thought.

Ollie the Rhino was also surprised when I told her what time it was. She’s been here all day, taking pictures of the finished dishes for the book, completely absorbed by her work.

She’s very good at what she does but can get a little too obsessed for her own good if you ask me. Nothing that I can relate to really… Not at all! But it’s amazing to see her use all sorts of tricks to make the food look good in a photo. ”What you see as a delicious chocolate fondant can look like dog poop on a photo if you don’t know what you’re doing,” she said the other day.

First ever Happy Club meeting preparations

Not that there are any chocolate fondants in my book… But maybe I could… I wonder what a bamboo fondant might taste like. Probably delicious! I must try that!

Anyway, after a few phone calls and text messages to my friends in The Happy Club they all came over here and soon started to help themselves to food, some very eager, some more reluctant and skeptical.

The first ever Happy Club meeting was underway.

Some of my Furry friends are very used to holding and attending meetings from work, so they know a thing or two about what makes a meeting good.

Apparently meetings can be constructive, creative and productive but sadly enough it seems more often it´s the opposite, a totally boring waste of everybody’s time.

But not tonight!

Leopold the Leopard agreed to chair the meeting and we quickly appointed Sam the Clouded Leopard to secretary. She gladly and consciously started to write everything down (except what we immediately discarded and decided to erase from all future records) and Leopold helped us focus and be creative at the same time.

We had a lot of great ideas, some good ideas and even more really stupid ideas. But I guess that’s just the way it should be when you’re brainstorming.

Here is a summary of what we decided on the first ever Happy Club meeting:

  • Leopold the Leopard coordinates Betty the Hippos recovery (I just want to be Happy). After all that’s why we started the club in the first place.
  • The motto of the Happy Club should be: Happiness is the meaning of life.
  • The purpose of the Happy Club is to learn and share information about what makes us happy. But also to laugh, make others laugh and have fun.
  • The main goal for the Happy Club is to develop a “path to happiness” as the result of our findings. The path should be adjusted to fit each individual perfectly.
  • We have at least weekly meetings at the Savannah Lodge (or sometimes elsewhere).
  • When Curt the Fox comes back from his trip with Betty the Hippo we ask him to create a website where we can publish useful information and share our experiences and stories.
  • Eisbjorn the Polar Bear, Leopold the Leopard and Alex the Tiger starts to read up on the subject of happiness to help us find things to work with later on.

So, all in all it was a good first ever meeting and a great evening and I also got some really good constructive criticism on my food. Apparently the bamboo cucumber sandwiches were great but the beer had a strange color and an odd aftertaste (although all of it was consumed). I’ll have to work some more on that, but after my attempts at a chocolate bamboo fondant…

Here are some of the ideas that we immediately discarded… I will not write down who came up with which idea but some of them you might guess.

Don’t try this at home:

  • We rob a bank and move to the Bahamas to live happily ever after.
  • We try different narcotic drugs to see if any of them makes us happy.
  • We perform cosmetic surgery on each other to see if looking better makes us happier.
  • One day each week we do everything we can to be as miserable and unhappy as possible – so that we can know the difference when we´re not.
  • We only eat chocolate for the rest of our lives.
  • We go to a Yoga Ashram retreat in India and have daily colon cleansings.
  • We all get new jobs.
  • We enter an endurance competition or an adventure race and train like mainiacs.
  • We go to Las Vegas – because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
First ever Happy Club Meeting Jillian the Macaw in Las Vegas

And that was our first ever Happy Club meeting!

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